Friday, September 7, 2012

Score at the Consignment Sale

After finally taking the time to set up my blog, I thought all night about what my first blog post would be about. Instead of racking my brain for days and trying to methodically plan out my posts, I decided I was going to just dive right in and get some content on this blog and stop procrastinating!

So, today I want to talk about my kids consignment adventure yesterday. In my hometown in southern PA, we are blessed to have a Kid's Closet Connection franchise that does a twice a year sale, once in the spring and again in the fall. Yesterday was the fall sale. If you are unfamiliar with Kid's Closet Connection, visit their website and search for sales in your area.

The best part about this particular sale, is if you consign, you get entry to the 'pre-sale' the night before it opens to the public. Can you say "YES PLEASE"! That means first dibs on all the goods.

These sales are massive and when I say massive I mean millions of dollars worth of kids cloths, toys, equipment, furniture and room decor. I stopped having yard sales and now save all my kids gear to consign at these two sales. Find out what goodies I scored after the break!

I worked for several months gathering my kid's cloths, washing, tagging, and hanging them for the sale. By the time I was done, I had over 350 tags listed and ready to go. We won't get into why they have so many cloths in this post.

I commissioned hubby to tag along as a second set of hands and I put him on a mission to find specific items. One being a coat for our daughter Abby. He scored This beautiful burnt orange pea coat brand new and still had the tags on it from Gymboree marked at retail for $50. Our price, $10!

Next, was a set of train tracks that came in a large plastic bag. With toys, you must be careful. This particular sale requires that all toys have batteries in them to show they work. But with toys that don't have batteries like these train tracks, you take a gamble on hoping all the pieces are there. The kids were so eager to tear them out of the bag this morning and fit them together! It appears at first glance though we have some missing pieces but non the less a nice set for only $5.

Last but certainly not lease, is a beautiful set of flash cards printed on very heavy cardboard, something i can appreciate. They are in mint condition. What a find! The illustrations are just lovely and I find joy in them just as much as the kids do. The Bo has a retail value of $14.95. Our price, $3.00!

Of course this was not all of the goodies we found. I managed to find a ton of jeans and PJ's at awesome prices. So I encourage all you momma's to hit the Google pavement and search for local kids consignment sales in your area!

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  1. Guess what Tara, There are now 4 Kid's Closet Connection sales in the Central to Southern PA area. Check us out on Facebook Hope to see you at the upcoming sales.