Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Typography as a logo

Hello lovlies! Today I wanted to share some typography style logos with you. Typography has been a trend this past year. Bold graphic style types made into wall art, tee shirts and everything in between. As a designer, I'm particularly drawn to typography styles of logos and art.

Take my logo for instance, As you can see ( in my blog header ) I used two types of font, one script and one monotype. It's important when picking out fonts for any branding that they go well together, aren't too busy and are easy to read. What drew me to my brands font was the modern twist they both had. If you are in need of a logo but aren't sure if your sold on graphics or lots of flowers or brackets etc, then a simple typography logo just might be what you need.

Below are some samples for you of my work to take a look at. This is a good mix of different styles of type and designs that can be done with a typography logo. Really, a font can be manipulated in a million different ways to create a truly unique one of a kind piece of art.

all designs are copyright Print Smitten 2012

Color theory is another huge love of mine! I'm just smitten over color combos and pairing good colors together to create a lovely pallet. With a typography logo, color plays a big role! The best of both worlds :)

If you are in the market for a typography style logo, your in luck! I just updated my Etsy shop with some listings that do just that. Right now, turn around time is about two weeks out. Comment below and let me know your thoughts and opinions on this style of logo design.

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P.S for those of you wondering how my daughter's first day of preschool went, I couldn't tell you because she's not talking! Darn kids!

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