Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Color pallet creation

Wow! two posts in one night? Another assignment this week was to make a color pallet from an image. This posed to be much harder then expected for a couple reasons. The biggest reason is finding an image. I know I know, just do a google search right? NOPE! Rule #1 - learn about copyrights and intellectual property if you ever plan to be a blogger, designer, or anything that requires the use of images of any sorts.

I spend about a total of 2 hours searching for images in the public domain ( images that are no longer copyright and are free to use for whatever you like ). I found a couple, but when I went to swatch the colors, I wasn't happy with the result. So after about 3 hours of work and 4 images later, I finally decided to use one of Nicole's images from her blog ( with permission of course ) for this assignment. If you have never been to nicole's blog, it's a must read! Even if you can't read; uh..I hope you can, but if you can't, her photography alone is amazingly beautiful! I chose this image because I liked the vintage feel it gave and who can go wrong with some flowers in a nice muted blue vase?

So here is the result of my pallet creation.

image courtesy of Nicole's Classes blog ( A little Sussy
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